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Charitable organization “Kindness on the Volga” was created with the aim of benevolence and compassion principals development in the participants through the implementation of socially oriented programs. The fund is a secular organization.

We are rendering assistance to the people having lost their houses, means of subsistence, to people facing a difficult life situation.

  • We are carrying out work on forming the culture of compassion in the society.
  • The organization hosts a fund-raiser to make the youths and regional activists pay attention to the problems of homeless, indigent and social-excluded people.
  • Targeted assistance is made up to people who face difficult life situation.
  • A number of socially oriented projects are realized in Volgograd.

Hotline of assistance in emergency situations  has been working since October, 2017.

Our team is looking for partners and friends, sharing the idea of charity and capable to help with implementation of social projects.

Targeted assistance programs

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On charity

Last year, Russia ranked 126th in the world charity rating. These are the results of a study conducted in 140 countries by the British Charities Aid Foundation (SAF).

It is gratifying that every year Russians increasingly donate money to charity and work as volunteers. Due to this, Russia has risen by 8 lines in the CAF rating since 2011. However, the reason that our country is still at the end of the list is the high level of distrust of Russians to the activities of charitable organizations, some of which do not know where the money is spent, and it is unclear who is under control. How to distinguish the funds that can be helped, see here.

Almost everyone in our team started by helping individually, as far as personal time and resources allowed. But together we can do much more! We do not initiate targeted assistance to a specific ward, we proceed from the budget, which is made up of your voluntary donations. By donating funds for the current activities of the Fund, you will contribute not only to the organization of food, but also to the construction of a social hotel (shelter), where people could live, for some reason, lost their own homes. Projects.

One of the principles of our Foundation is openness, and you can request a detailed expense report within your donation from one of our volunteers by writing to the fundraising Department.

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